UFE Chaos is…right around the corner!

13 weeks away from UFE Chaos!  I am psyched!  Like really really pumped!  There are no cross-country moves going on, no huge life changes, just plain and simple, down and dirty training!!

I haven’t felt this strong in a while.  I am sure the chaos of moving and settling in had lots to do with my lack luster gusto in the fall, along with adjusting to the altitude.  At first I didn’t want to believe that it’d take that long to adjust but truth is I am still huffing and puffing during interval training, so much so that my lungs will ache for a day after!  Talked to a local triathlete about this and he said ‘Ha, yea, that never goes away!’, which comforted me…I am facing normal acclimation symptoms, and I have heard that it may take about 8 months to fully adjust.  But, no biggie, cause like I said, I am feeling like a beast right now.  I just feel like my strength is fully up to par.  Lifts are getting bigger,  yet I’m taking an increases in weight slowly.  I am really focusing on form and rest times.  When you apply specific rest times you can completely change your workout, completely.

I am also just pumped for Chaos/Montreal in general.  This is really an important competition for me as it is my first real deal Pro show (I don’t count my debut as a Pro in Hamilton!).  My goal is to place in the top 3, which is going to be very difficult, but I have faith.  (Mantra to self:  eat clean 100%, train like you do (hard), rest, water, tea, meditate!)  It’s also marks my second year of competing at Chaos, which was my first show with UFE.  I fell in love with competing and UFE, UFE’s event staff, and fellow competitors, all at Chaos 2013.  I am pumped just to reunite with everyone!  I also Love Love Love Montreal.  Trying to learn a little bit of French using some app on my phone, so now I’m the weirdo talking to herself in the back at work….”Bonjour!  Comment t’appelles-tu?”

I want to continue to feel as strong as I do right now, flying into Canada ready to prance on stage like a glorified show horse.  Yes, I just compared myself to a horse….I’d say I am a Clydesdale, absolutely.  Like I said, I repeat a Mantra of sorts to myself and really have to dig deep sometimes to not steal bites of Nicks peanut butter covered waffles.  At the end of the night, it is really hard, but I rely on certain things, like Quest Bars, Greek Yogurt, and Casien to get me through….its call #CheatClean baby!!!  My obsession tonight is:

  • 1/2 cup 0% Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 scoop Dymatize Chocolate Peanut Butter Casein
  • 1 Chocolate Peanut Butter Quest Bar, chopped into pieces

Cheat Clean!Cheat Clean!

If you would like to try Quest Bars out you can by them right here from my page!  Just click on the banner!!!!


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