High Five Friday!

Morning everyone!  It’s High Five Friday, so that means you should try to be a weirdo and high five at least one stranger today.  Don’t just walk up to them and throw out a high five…you must approach with a sporadic “high five friday!” shout out, lifting hand to high five simultaneously.  They should receive this well and cooperate with a high five back.  If not, try again with someone else.  Make someone’s day a little brighter.

Today was Back and Bi’s.  Forgot my watch so I don’t have a calorie expenditure to report but I will say this was a toughie in a deceiving way.  I was huffing and puffing during most of my supersets, yet didn’t have too many sweat droplets.  My first exercise of wide grip pull-ups were done with assistance, 110lbs to be exact.  I feel like I am cheating a bit, but I am doing 15 reps and I also am not strong on this particular exercise so I figured it best to use the assistance and really focus on form, as well as slowing down the eccentric contraction (lowering).  I felt like I had wings afterwards.  But just to test myself, I tried to do an unassisted pull up at the very end of my workout and couldn’t even get halfway up!  Guess it was a good workout after all.


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