Update of prep, 12 weeks out.

12 weeks out and feeling like I am on target.  Such a fantastic feeling!  Another fantastic feeling?  Having two job opportunities lined up and almost locked in…on to greener, more career focused pastures and hopefully tackling an item on my list of goals!  Two items if said jobs are as profitable as hoped!  Anywho, task at hand today involved moderate intensity cardio + following a clean diet.  I can proudly say:  Mission accomplished!  I am beginning to feel fatigued doing everyday activities (i.e stairs) so that’s telling me 2 things:  1) my workouts are resulting in changes to my muscle fibers and 2) I need to respect said fatigue and provide my muscles with some recovery time.  I took that into consideration and modified my cardio for the day.  I had intervals planned but instead I held a steady heart rate for 35 minutes on the Arc Trainer.  It was boring as fack, until I switched to Pandora and had a little house in my life.  It’s amazing what music can do!  My current go to station is Hardwell, but that’ll be changing soon enough.

Food wise I am still carb cycling but alternating from mid-to low-to high, depending on the day of the week, corresponding with lifting and cardio-only days.  Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening workout and food wise:

  • Sunday:  Active Rest;  Low-carb all day til dinner, carb up for a.m lifts!
  • Monday:  Shoulders, Chest, and Tri’s:  carb up after lifts, then low carb remainder of day
  • Tuesday:  Cardio Only:  mid-range carbs after cardio, then low carb til dinner, carbing up for a.m lifts
  • Wednesday:  Legs and Glutes:  carb up after lifts, then low carb rest of day
  • Thurdsday:  Cardio Only:  mid-range carbs after cardio, then low carb til din din, carb up at dinner (and cheat clean dessert!)
  • Friday:  Back and Bi’s:  carb up after workout, then low carb rest of day, including dinner.  Dessert is something clean with mid-range carbs
  • Saturday:  Cardio Intervals and a good stretch session (OOOMMM):  mid-range to replenish, then back to low

I do all of my workouts in the a.m, fasted, as I am way too tired at the end of the day to give it 100%…or even make the effort to go to the gym, and I also can’t workout with food in da belly.  I take a pre workout on lifting days, nothing besides a black coffee on cardio days.  If I am feeling spunky, or want to throw down for one extra round, I will have another black coffee in the afternoon at work to get me going for a short cardio/resistance training session.



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