Leg/Glutes Day and Feeling Wiped

One day your up, the next you’re not.  That is the way of life.  As apparent by my 2 am post on childhood obesity, I didn’t sleep through the night.  This has been happening here and there and it is due to a calorie deficit that I am creating as I try to slim down from bulking season.  I woke up very groggy but headed to the gym after some pre-workout and completed a new leg/glute phase in my training.  I am trying to build my glutes, as well as create some serious definition in my hammies.  I am used to feeling wiped after leg day but today was different.  I felt wiped but then I didn’t.  Like my legs at one point were hardly able to keep me upright, then after a few steps I was fine.  I left the gym feeling confused, like did I go hard enough?  I want to say that I did as I felt completely out of it all day.  Just complete fatigue, but no soreness whatsoever.  Perhaps this is overtraining?  I can’t imagine that it is, but I will rest tonight and see how I feel in the a.m.

All day today my stomach has been wishy washy as well.  Hunger is not really present, but I have heartburn and some upset…..hoping some rest tonight, watching Mad Men with my man, will be the cure.



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