Progress: Childhood Obesity

I write this as I am awake and eating at 2:11 am, a sign of hungry, growing muscles that need special attention.  As I surfed the Times and scarfed down a healthy mid-sleep meal I came across fantastic news:  the rate of childhood obesity has decreased by a whopping 43%!  That’s terrific news!!!!!  They say it’s only that much harder to get to a healthy weight if obesity has settled in as a child, so this news alone is hope that our future adult population will not be as overweight as they are now (we currently stand at about 1/3 of adults).

I am really pleased that parents are providing more time and consideration when it comes to their childrens’ diet.  As children we need certain levels of guidance and clearly someone has been influencing a healthier direction.  Keep it going!  For the full NY Times article, click here


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