The most important step: Consistency

Stumbled across an article this morning honing in on building those perfect glutes. At the end of the day, you can’t out train a bad diet, and this article summed that up quite nicely:

The final piece to those coveted glutes and hamstrings is consistency. I can’t emphasize enough how important careful attention to your diet will be. It’s the most critical pawn in this game. If you truly stick to your diet for at least 6 weeks, you will see changes.

Your diet is something that you can control. You may not be able to do 20 sprints or squat 80 lbs on the first day, but you know you’ll be able to build up to it.

In order to maintain energy levels, lose body fat and create beautiful muscles, your diet is the number one factor to your success. Now get going on those gorgeous glutes!”
(Quote from


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