I am…

oh Rusko…

27.  Female.  An athlete.  Visionary.  All night dancing kind of girl.  In love with working out and want to share that love with others, hopefully they’ll catch on.  A graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Bachelor of Science, Nutrition, 2011.  In love.  Happy.  Aspiring to be the best ‘me’.  Evolving.  Smiling right now.  A yogi.  A runner.  A spinner.  A daughter.  A sister.  A girlfriend.  Up to try new things.  Adventurous.  Confident.  Someone who seeks a little quite time everyday.

I am all of these things but these things do not make me ‘me’.  I am constantly changing and really just want to evolve and then evolve a little bit more and then a little bit more.  I want to live my life to the fullest.  I want to make mistakes, I want to cry, dance, and laugh.  I want to experience life.

Do not rely solely on my blog for scientific advice on exercise or diet.  I do know what I am talking about but a doctor or specialist will know the nitty gritty details that I most likely will omit.

Live your life.  Smile while doing it.

On Mt. Madison

Mom and I at Highland Lodge

Love Dancing!

Feeling fan-f’in-tastic after a spin class.

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